Past Winners of Rugby World Cup : Full List

By | April 27, 2019

The Rugby World Cup is also called as the Webb Ellis Cup. The competition is held amongst the men’s national teams from different countries. Top 20 Rugby World Cup teams battle it out for the Webb Ellis Cup every 4 years.

Introductory edition of the Rugby world cup

The 1st Rugby World Cup was held in 1987, teams from 16 countries took part in the 1st edition.
It was held simultaneously in Australia and New Zealand. It will be exciting to see who wins the next Rugby World Cup which will be held in 2019. And Japan will be hosting the tournament for the first time, the tournament is scheduled in between September 20 and November 2, 2019.

RUGBY WORLD CUP FINAL winners in the past

Only 4 countries have managed to win the most sought-after Webb Ellis Cup, Since the inaugural Rugby World Cup in1987. New Zealand is the most successful Rugby World Cup club with wins in 1987, 2011 and 2015. New Zealand also featured in the closest Rugby World Cup final result defeating France for their second title in 2011.

Below are some statistics put together about the Rugby World Cup winners.

  • Most number of Titles: New Zealand (1987, 2011, 2015)
  • Other Nations Winning the title: Australia (1991, 1999); South Africa (1995, 2007); England (2003)
  • Closest Rugby World Cup match: 1 point – NZ (8) def. France (7) in 2011
  • Biggest Winning Margin: 23 points – Australia (35) def. France (12) in 1999

Teams who have won the Rugby World Cup

Since the 1st edition of the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand has been the dominant team that has won three World Cup Rugby Championship titles, including the 2015 Rugby world cup most recently in 2015. Australia and South Africa are the 2 other teams, that have won the Rugby world cup 2 times each. England has also won the Rugby world cup in 2003 when they defeated Australia in extra time. England is the only country from the northern hemisphere to win the Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup Records

This table displays the winning teams of the 8 rugby world cup tournaments that took place since 1987 and the fate of New Zealand in those Rugby World Cups. New Zealand did not win a single Rugby World Cup final following their triumph in the 1987 world cup. And in fact, they have managed to reach the World cup final only once, in spite of being the tournament favorites on most of the occasions. However, they managed to win the world cup in 2011 and then successfully defended the title in 2015, when they defeated England. The 2015 win was the 1st successful title defense put up by any team in the History of Rugby world cup. It is also New Zealand’s first win away from home.

Tournament YearHost CounrtyRugby World Cup WinnersRunners-up
1987Australia & New ZealandNew ZealandFrance
1991England, France, Ireland, Scotland & WalesAustraliaEngland
1995South AfricaSouth AfricaNew Zealand
1999Wales, England, France, Ireland & ScotlandAustraliaFrance
2007FranceSouth AfricaEngland
2011New ZealandNew ZealandFrance
2015EnglandNew ZealandAustralia

The Rugby World Cup final will be the last match played in the tournament. The team which wins the final match will be the Rugby world cup champions and will be awarded the Webb Ellis Cup.

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